Freedom & Empowerment Coach | Inner Voice Facilitator | Reiki Master | Intuitive Lifestyler

“What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you, pales in comparison to what lies within you.” Unknown


I am an Inner Voice Facilitator, certified ADAPT Health Coach and Reiki Master. What does this mean to you? I have the ability to give your intuition/ inner guidance a voice, cultivate your human expression through motivational and behavioural coaching, and amplify the space and healing for you with reiki.

Through the unique style that I have which combines the “woo” of the inner voice and reiki, and the science backed motivational coaching style of the ADAPT program. In just one session, we can find transformation – and whatever transpires is meant for you.

I support people to gain clarity and insight into where they currently perceive their reality from. We will work together to reflect and then pivot to thrive from the power and lens of their inner guidance and sovereignty.

The sessions I have designed are to help you break free of the daily struggle and indifference to life, level up and move beyond what is keeping you trapped. I can help you:

  • Release trauma and heal (Remove)
  • Integrate growth (See)
  • Cultivate openness (Flow)
  • Create and express a state of joy (Freedom)

You do not need to have previous experience with inner voice work, and there is no prescribed cadence. Each session will help you access your intuition/ inner guidance, and is unique and specific to where you are on the day you hold your session with me. Through this work, you will know what you need, and when you need it.

Individual Sessions


Unfurl – Integration

In these sessions, I drop you in to your inner voice to then intuitively coach to integrate the human expression and sovereign source.


Full Throttle – Expansion

In these sessions, we will both drop into our inner voices, where my inner voice will amplify and facilitate the growth of your own expression.

Please Note: Full Throttle sessions are only suitable for those who can maintain their inner voice. If you are not sure if you can do this, I can teach you how to do this, or check the strength of your inner voice before we begin.


The SYS Save YourSelf Clarity Program

Sick, Poor, Stuck, Burnt Out, Lost…. Where did all the magic go?

Your Life was not a tool, it was not for Sale, it is a BOUNDLESS Expression.

It’s all about opening yourself to who you really are today, and moving forward with all that you are, to the tomorrow you desire to create.

Where Could life lead? Who Could you be if you found your clarity? Clarity, it’s all about efforting less to live more. REJOICE this is the clarity acceleration program here to help you Save YourSelf (SYS).

This Will Be a Celebration to living an exceptional life.

As you do the work and remove the blocks, false perceptions and conditioning you heal and regain the dynamic energy to grow and know your ultimate self. Every step you take on that path towards yourself is an unfurling of who you truly are, that expression that will live a truly free and exceptional life. If you are here now, let me reach out my hand to you, and together let’s hold that space for the growth of your own sovereignty and strength.


Play Coach for Women


Truly, Ha has a gift that inspires transformation. I arrive to our sessions feeling stress, confusion, overwhelm, and sadness. When I leave I feel lightness in mind-body-spirit, I feel grounded and connected with myself, and I feel a renewed sense of hope and joy for my future.

Sitting in my IV sessions with Ha it’s immediate that I feel seen, safe, and supported through her calm and focused presence. I love connecting and “journeying” in session with Ha because I know she’s right there with me and I can feel the ways in which she’s connected and “tapped in” to her own inner knowing through the depth of her questions, the grace and compassion she shares for my experiences, and her ability to hold space and help me connect all the dots in my life. Thank you Ha, for being such a beautiful beacon for us all.

Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Life Coach


Ha is a natural inner voice facilitator and coach.  She has an unparalleled ability to intuitively tap into another person's energetic frequency and with striking precision detect exactly what is present that needs to be addressed. She has illuminated for me hidden limiting beliefs and energetic blocks about which I was unaware, and adeptly coached me towards definitive action steps to support me in moving away from these false beliefs towards a new way of thinking, acting and feeling.  Her approach is direct and deeply caring. Her work is simply transformative!

Intuition Coach and Author


Ha is an amazing facilitator! She makes you feel safe and cared for especially as heavy emotions come up. Her voice and energy are so calming. I look at time with Ha as having treated myself to a self-care session. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, grounded, connected within, and safe to be me.

Homeopath and Innervoice Facilitator


It is a wonderful experience working with Ha, Ha has a special gift working inner voice to inner voice.  Each time we work together I am able to go deeper and get cleaner guidance from my inner voice.  It is a truly magical experience.

Finance Industry - Operations Manager


Ha thank you so much, I can't adequately describe how good I feel after our two sessions. You're really going to change lives with what you do. Ha is a natural inner voice facilitator and has an unparalleled ability to tap into deeper fields of oneself. She made me clear the blocks of fear, shyness, anger, and criticism by showing the path to connect with my deep inner voice. Feeling lovely and unlimited. She can transform anyone.



I have been coached by Ha for around a month on a weekly basis. By taking these coaching sessions I can now better recognise my inner voice which is the wisdom of my inner being. It has guided me towards what it terms my true nature, the guru inside of me. Thank you very much Ha, for your time and guidance in my journey.