The SYS Save YourSelf Clarity Program

Sick, Poor, Stuck, Burnt Out, Lost….

This is the SYS – Save YourSelf accelerated clarity program. Let’s bring you Your magic back.

You just can’t keep DOING what you’ve been doing anymore. When did meals out start tasting like ashes? The wine start hurting your guts? Why can’t you connect to your favourite shows anymore? If you can’t do any of this, how are you supposed to feel good anymore?!

Overwhelmed, stuck in how you make money, stagnant in your health, and NUMB in life. You’ve felt like a shivering chi hauhau at times, wearing a motherless squid poncho. Just lost, floundering, fearfully wondering, What will happen to me tomorrow?!!

So Frustrated…. So Angry!!! No matter how much you try to THINK your way out it’s not working your way like it used to.

You cry more often now. You start praying, I’m Lost, Someone or Something HELP get me out of here.

Take a breath         (exhale). As you do, let go of your tensions. Take another breath, and as you let go give yourself space.

This journey starts with a desire, an intention, and a step to SYS – SAVE YOUR SELF.

YOU (I AM) are a soul born into the human realm to be your EPIC and unique curious expression of the Source consciousness. Re-submerge with your superpowers again.


Intuition Coach and Author – USA

Ha is an amazing facilitator! She makes you feel safe and cared for especially as heavy emotions come up. Her voice and energy are so calming. I look at time with Ha as having treated myself to a self-care session. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, grounded, connected within, and safe to be me.

Ready to Rumble? Let’s F Go!!! 

Program Principle Focuses:

1. Self-Clarity / Rediscovery / Envisioning

Being an inner voice facilitator I have the ability to allow your intuition to speak to you and guide you. We are going in deep – as deep as possible without the mind in the way to access the superconsciousness and then be completely open to whatever happens. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC AND EXCITEMENT IS AT!!! What if you’re meant to be an animal whisperer but you’re working as an accountant >_< GASP! Let the Envisioning of Your life re-COMMENCE!!

A. SHOW ME THE MONEY – Let’s get CLARITY on where your wealth streams from AND how if expresses to bring you JOY. Could you be an Air BNB mogul, OR a phenomenal stay at home home schooling dad with a brownie side hustle supporting your wife, who owns a private jet, and is head hunted by the Oil and Gas industry worldwide? Let’s compliment the inner clarity with your core values to further expand how this one rolls out for you.

B. I WILL OWN MY HEALING – Let’s get an understanding and CLARITY on your healing journey. Own it back from everyone else. You’ve got this. Let your inner guidance bring you back into the flow of your healing. Guide you to intuitive eating/ fasting, and getting the support you need that empowers you.

2. Heal traumas, Feel the emotional feels, Release

Heal Traumas / Process the Emotion let go and Make Space! It’s time my friend to acknowledge all the emotional feels and traumas left unchecked that got you here. Actively intentionally Feel It, Actively intentionally Let It Go. You gotta put your WHOLE body, back and booty into this. Why? Because it opens up space to hear the connection to your superpowers. It’s part of the embodiment work of intuition. It’s part of the work of life to appreciate change and transformation. Living life is the full breadth of human emotions and expressions and they're all meant to be felt.

3. Mindset and the BS (Belief System) limitations

Mindset / Let go of limiting stuff! Are you living the Matrix? Is your mind instead of your Intuition in control? Get out of your mindset prison cell my friend. Let’s come into CLARITY on what is in operation, reframe and open you up to a better language/ system that enriches instead of impoverishes you. Let’s get your mind to work with your destiny maker aka your intuition/ inner guidance.

4. Intuition / Embodiment Focus and Prioritisation

Pivot from the Intuition – Embody it: I’m going to use all my own experience and superpowers to have you feel your connection so it’s gonna be beside you FOR LIFE. It’s your greatest spirit guide and guardian angel. AND I’ll teach you to use it to hear the guidance moving INSIDE of you, AND the soulful interventions moving OUTSIDE of you guiding you to your greatest life and expression. Because information from the superconsciousness highway moves from both directions.


Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Life Coach – USA

Ha is a natural inner voice facilitator and coach.  She has an unparalleled ability to intuitively tap into another person's energetic frequency and with striking precision detect exactly what is present that needs to be addressed. She has illuminated for me hidden limiting beliefs and energetic blocks about which I was unaware, and adeptly coached me towards definitive action steps to support me in moving away from these false beliefs towards a new way of thinking, acting and feeling.  Her approach is direct and deeply caring. Her work is simply transformative!


Play Coach for Women – Canada

Truly, Ha has a gift that inspires transformation. I arrive to our sessions feeling stress, confusion, overwhelm, and sadness. When I leave I feel lightness in mind-body-spirit, I feel grounded and connected with myself, and I feel a renewed sense of hope and joy for my future.

Sitting in my IV sessions with Ha it’s immediate that I feel seen, safe, and supported through her calm and focused presence. I love connecting and “journeying” in session with Ha because I know she’s right there with me and I can feel the ways in which she’s connected and “tapped in” to her own inner knowing through the depth of her questions, the grace and compassion she shares for my experiences, and her ability to hold space and help me connect all the dots in my life. Thank you Ha, for being such a beautiful beacon for us all.


Finance Industry - Operations Manager – India

Ha thank you so much, I can't adequately describe how good I feel after our two sessions. You're really going to change lives with what you do. Ha is a natural inner voice facilitator and has an unparalleled ability to tap into deeper fields of oneself. She made me clear the blocks of fear, shyness, anger, and criticism by showing the path to connect with my deep inner voice. Feeling lovely and unlimited. She can transform anyone.

When you have clarity on yourself your perception shifts, and then you can go beyond your previous limitations. It changes the game.

Sweat, blood, rainbows, hugs, tears. Joy, love, peace, great epic feels.

Ha (that’s me)…. I don’t like spicy things. What’s the chili rating on your program?


It will get as spicy as you’ll consent it to be. As your coach and facilitator we hold the space together. Know this you’re the sovereign authority in this space.

It will consist of 7 x 1.5hr per week sessions.

Sessions will be via Zoom, you can access this anywhere in the world!

Choose your own live coaching adventure:

  • Do an individual 1-1 program with me for $2,000 AUD – this can include access to Voxer or Telegram access.
  • Journey with the group for $980 AUD

Note: Inner voice sessions typically retail at $330 USD for a 1.5hr session so about $523 AUD, if you don’t want a full program we can do an individual session at $330 AUD which converted is about $211 USD

I will be able to provide a payment plan if needed.

I will open up a Facebook Group for this program for all enrolled as 1-1 or in the group so you are able to interact, share, grow. You have to do your journey on your own but there’s no need to do it alone.

If you are open to the superconsciousness, wish to release yourself from what limits you then Click and book a Discovery Call with me. May your awareness (your Force) always be with you.