Desire meets Freedom

You yearn for more than the daily grind. A life of infinite possibilities.

Escape from the limiting conformities that are stealing your spirit and taking your life. Liberate yourself from the internal struggles and expectations of others to being everyone else. Unleash the expression of yourself, the guidance of your intuition and the power of your sovereignty. Step into the freedom and delight of flow, and live out an exceptional life.

What would life look like if you broke all the rules you set for yourself and lived from the limitless source and guidance from within? Let’s find out together.

Freedom & Empowerment Coach| Inner Voice Facilitator| Intuitive Lifestyler


L is for liberty, the freedom of expression
N is for need, the one steeped in intuition
D is for destiny, as you travel the Way
The mind is an instrument
The heart is a guide
I am is the question
The soul has the answers
Life is the journey
Now is the time
You are the Key...
Welcome to the world of Delectably Ha
May you have curiosity, faith and belief
And may you be one step closer
To who you truly are...

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Dish Du Jour

Here, take a bite into a Slice of Life...


Abundance is subtraction or addition, and is a space where you are supported on the path you are taking