I had dug too deep. I had gotten too greedy. I had changed careers three times in an attempt to find myself – my latest endeavour saw me embarking on my Chartered Accounting (CA) program. I failed every course the first time around and forced myself to repeat subjects. I was overwhelmed, ashamed and in despair, my stress levels through the roof and my self-confidence wiped out. My mortgage was an endless blackhole and my deteriorating health drained me of excess funds. I was living a mathematical equation where x = a crappy life and x was made up of finance, health, career, relationships - the things we are told we need to do well in order to be living a successful life. In my corner I kept hearing the booming drums from the depths of the Mines of Moria (BOOM BOOM BOOM they went, over and over) and my own internal screams. The sounds heralded that I was in too deep and I couldn’t get out.


I realised I was the one who had put myself in this cage. It became clear to me that continuing to do what I was doing meant that not only would nothing change, but that I was putting my health and my happiness at risk. I was putting my life at risk. 

That wake-up call motivated me to invest more of my time and money into me and not my career or mortgage. The change didn’t happen overnight. It was slow but it was big. From that awareness I started a journey that would pivot and drive me closer to my intuition, which I call ‘my knowing’. The universe delivered to me a life coach, and I began to realise what my needs really were. I enrolled in the Kresser Institute’s Adapt Health Coaching, and Jess Lively’s Inner Voice Facilitator programs, and started to live from that space inside of me that was still and true, and impervious to illusions. Every step I took was bringing me closer to myself and revealing to me what my expression truly was.


This intuition growth and expansion of myself gave me deeper perspective when I came to coach (more on that over in services!). In the space that we hold together you will gain clarity or be challenged to reflect on what you have been dwelling in. That is the space of the inner guidance that enables you to grow, gain peace, heal and release emotional baggage, and cultivate courage and empowerment so you can just BE, free and true.

“Between the mind and the soul is Source. And behind the fear and the hope is the one true expression we call sovereignty”
- Ha

It is my belief that we are all of worth and we are all travelling the path meant for us, which will enable us to recognise our sovereign worth for ourselves.